Our Philosophy at The Guild

Life is a Journey and an Adventure of epic proportions.


Why Adventure Programming?

People sometimes ask, “Why adventure programming?” Our answer is pretty simple, and foundational to all that we do. We believe that life is itself a Journey and an Adventure of epic proportions. Each day as individuals, we face decisions and experience situations that can have a deep impact on our lives and our futures. Adventure challenges provide a parallel, a microcosm, a laboratory of sorts, in which to understand and process the dynamics of life and provide opportunities to grow as a person – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The lessons learned through adventure experiences have the potential to produce positive life change that is both significant and lasting.

And besides that, IT’S BIG FUN!

Ready for your next adventure?


It’s a commonly held belief among adventure facilitators that when given an opportunity and positive support, people are capable of far more than they realize. As humans we build internal boundaries and walls to help guard us against hurt. We develop comfort zones within which we live our daily lives and are often unwilling to step free of them and take a risk, even when doing so would mean a great opportunity to grow as a person.

Adventure experiences have a unique way of opening people’s hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and processing life’s challenges. That growth then, opens the door for them to step beyond their normal comfort zones and experience expanded opportunities as they apply those new thinking processes to their daily lives. Adventure is a powerful tool that can speak deeply to the heart.

At The Adventure Guild, whether we’re climbing with a group of high school students, leading corporate managers through a team building retreat, coaching a church youth group on a ropes course, or guiding through a ZIPStream Aerial Adventure Park or Zip Tour, our philosophy of life change through adventure is never far from our minds. Our passion is that those we serve would not only have a fantastic time on their adventure, but would also learn something significant about themselves and grow in some way through the experience.

We know that there many adventure providers that you can choose from to lead you or your group. With The Adventure Guild, you can be sure that you will receive the highest-quality, safest, most exciting, and fun adventure experience possible. But, more than that, our staff will also make sure that you have every opportunity to learn something about yourself, your relationships, and life in the midst of it all. Are you ready for the Journey?