Staff Training

Professional staff training is one of the most important, yet overlooked aspects of ropes course and climbing tower usage. A course or climbing structure can be professionally designed, inspected, and maintained, but the critical link is trained, competent staff. To minimize participant and staff risk and to protect your program’s integrity, it is important to have staff properly trained and ready to deal with any possible situations that might arise. Many, many camps and adventure facilities rely solely on internal training year after year, which can lead to the development of bad habits, a slackening of diligence, and ultimately an unsafe operating environment. ACCT standards strongly recommend that adventure providers utilize a third party for their staff training/and or assessment every year. This refresher helps to sharpen a program and plug operational holes that develop over time and increase the potential for an accident.

For nearly 20 years, clients have relied on The Adventure Guild to provide their staff with top-notch ropes course, climbing wall, zip line and aerial adventure course training, in not only the hard technical skills, but in soft (people) skills as well. In 2005 we added an entire section of training for Christian camps which, in addition to the standard facilitation skills, also teaches their staff to process adventure experiences from a faith perspective. So whatever your staff training needs are large or small, extensive or simple, we can provide it.

Our trainings are structured around the ACCT Practioner’s Standards, with a priority placed on site-specific systems and proficiency.